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Where To Buy Savino Wine Saver

In short, you pour the wine into an air-tight seal. That way, you extend its lifetime by up to four weeks. And you can store that seal anywhere, even horizontally, which also means it is easy to move around. On the negative side, that extra storage place means you have one more device to deal with and clean.

where to buy savino wine saver

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All preservation systems have their pros and cons, including price point, durability, and whether or not you can reuse them. While a vacuum system can be a bit pricier, they also tend to keep wine fresh for longer. And while a simple spray solution may not keep your wine fresh for as long, you can also use it on as many bottles as you want, whereas most wine vacuum systems only feature enough supplies to preserve one or two.

You have a beautiful bottle of wine that you open to have a glass or two. But the minute you open that bottle, oxidation sets in. That wine will only keep, maybe, for a few days. And the flavor will change. What a shame! This is where the Savino Connoisseur Wine Saving Carafe comes to the rescue. The Wine Preservation System extends the life of opened wine for up to a week. Definitely worth the investment if you drink any amount of wine. A must-have for the amateur or professional wine connoisseur. 041b061a72


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