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Muslim Avdeev
Muslim Avdeev

Where To Buy Cpap Supplies Near Me !NEW!

Hi my name is Steve Hunt I got hurt back in 2009 and lost my job and have no insurance and i need cpap supplies bad and i cant afford to buy them. and cant find anyone to help me out. i now work but cant do much and the pay is not that good. i really need help what can you do for me thanks .

where to buy cpap supplies near me

Hi, I recently had a sleep study and was diagnosed with sleep apnea and given a prescription for the cpap device, supplies, etc. I do not have insurance and do not make that much money. I am wondering if there are any programs like this in Virginia that are low cost or assist people in my situation.

Hi!! I have gotten a cpap machine when on medicaid. Then went to medicare with chance to buy and have in monthly payments for year as didnt want to rent for rest of life. JUst wondering if can get help with supplies with only what medicare will pay. if so would be at no cost to me and i dont really have money for the left over amount on my fixed income as am disabled. HELP!! 041b061a72


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