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Watch Aaja Nachle 2007 Full HD 1080p online free | eMovies

Aaja Nachle Full Movies Hd 720p: A Review of the Bollywood Dance Film

Aaja Nachle is a 2007 Bollywood dance film starring Madhuri Dixit in her comeback role after a five-year hiatus. The film tells the story of Dia (Dixit), a choreographer who lives in New York with her daughter. When she receives news that her old dance teacher is dying, she returns to her hometown in India to fulfill his last wish: to save a deserted dance theatre from demolition. To do so, she has to put on a performance of Laila-Majnu, a classic love story, using only people from her town. Along the way, she faces opposition from local politicians, resistance from her former friends, and attraction from her ex-lover.

Aaja Nachle Full Movies Hd 720p


Aaja Nachle is a film that belongs to the genre of dance films, which are movies that feature dance as a central element of their plot, character development, or theme. Dance films often combine elements of musicals, dramas, romances, and comedies. Some common themes that dance films explore are identity, culture, love, competition, and self-expression. Some examples of popular dance films are Dirty Dancing, Footloose, Flashdance, Billy Elliot, Black Swan, La La Land, and StreetDance.

In this review, I will evaluate Aaja Nachle based on its strengths and weaknesses as a dance film. I will argue that while Aaja Nachle has some merits in terms of its performance, music, and message, it also suffers from some flaws in terms of its plot, originality, and innovation.

The Strengths of the Film

The Performance of Madhuri Dixit

One of the main strengths of Aaja Nachle is undoubtedly the performance of Madhuri Dixit, who is widely regarded as one of the most talented and charismatic actresses and dancers in Bollywood history. Dixit plays Dia with grace, passion, and conviction. She portrays Dia as a woman who is torn between her past and present, her home and abroad, her duty and desire. She showcases her beauty, dancing skills, and charisma in every scene, especially in the songs and dances. She interacts with the other actors and creates chemistry, whether it is with her ex-lover Raj (Akshaye Khanna), her rival Raja (Kunal Kapoor), or her daughter Radha (Divya Dutta). She carries the film with her charm and presence, and proves why she is still one of the best in the industry.

The Music and Choreography

Another strength of Aaja Nachle is its music and choreography, which are essential components of any dance film. The film features a variety of songs and dances that reflect the culture and emotions of the characters. The film uses dance as a form of expression, communication, and storytelling. For example, in the song "Aaja Nachle", Dia invites the people of her town to join her in dancing and saving the theatre. In the song "Ishq Hua", Dia and Raj rekindle their romance through a playful and sensual dance. In the song "Show Me Your Jalwa", Dia trains her team of amateurs to perform like professionals. In the song "O Re Piya", Dia expresses her longing and sorrow for Raj through a solo dance.

The film also pays tribute to the classical and folk dances of India, as well as the contemporary styles of hip hop and fusion. The film showcases the diversity and richness of Indian dance forms, such as Kathak, Bharatanatyam, Bhangra, Lavani, Garba, and Dandiya. The film also incorporates elements of western dance forms, such as ballet, jazz, salsa, and breakdance. The film blends these different styles to create a unique and vibrant spectacle.

The Message and Impact of the Film

The third strength of Aaja Nachle is its message and impact, which are relevant and inspiring for many viewers. The film explores the themes of identity, belonging, tradition, and change. The film shows how Dia struggles to find her place in her hometown after living abroad for many years. She faces prejudice, hostility, and ridicule from some people who see her as an outsider or a threat. She also faces dilemmas about whether to stay or leave, whether to follow or break the rules, whether to conform or rebel. The film shows how Dia tries to balance her personal and professional goals, her individuality and community, her modernity and heritage.

The film also celebrates the power and passion of dance as a way of preserving and reviving cultural heritage. The film shows how Dia uses dance as a tool to unite people from different backgrounds, ages, genders, and classes. She teaches them to appreciate and respect their own culture, as well as others'. She inspires them to express themselves creatively and confidently. She empowers them to overcome their fears and challenges. She transforms them from ordinary people into extraordinary performers.

The Weaknesses of the Film

The Predictable and Clichéd Plot

Despite its strengths, Aaja Nachle also has some weaknesses that undermine its quality as a dance film. One of the main weaknesses is its predictable and clichéd plot, which follows a formulaic structure of a dance competition and a love triangle. The plot is full of stereotypes and tropes that are common in many dance films. For example, Dia is the talented but misunderstood protagonist who has to prove herself to others. Raj is the handsome but arrogant ex-lover who has to win back Dia's trust. Raja is the loyal but insecure rival who has to compete with Raj for Dia's attention. The politicians are the greedy and corrupt antagonists who want to destroy the theatre for their own benefit. The townspeople are the ignorant and conservative masses who have to be enlightened by Dia's vision.

The plot also fails to develop some of the subplots and secondary characters that could have added more depth and complexity to the story. For example, Dia's relationship with her daughter Radha is barely explored beyond a few scenes of conflict or reconciliation. Radha's character is reduced to a plot device that motivates Dia's actions or creates drama. Similarly, Dia's friendship with Anokhi (Konkona Sen Sharma), Najma (Ranvir Shorey), Chaudhary Om Singh (Vinay Pathak), Doctor Saab (Jugal Hansraj), Mr Chojar (Akhilendra Mishra), Sanjeev Mehta (Sushmita Mukherjee), Mohan Sharma (Nowaz), Imran Pathan (Raghubir Yadav), Farooque (Dalai), Lilette Dubey (Mrs Chojar) is not given enough attention or depth beyond their roles as comic relief or supporting cast.

The Lack of Originality and Innovation

Another weakness of Aaja Nachle is its lack of original ity and innovation, which are important factors for any dance film. The film borrows elements from other dance films, such as Save the Last Dance, Step Up, and Center Stage, without offering anything new or surprising to the genre or the audience. The film does not challenge or subvert the conventions or expectations of dance films, but rather reinforces them. The film does not experiment or explore with different forms or techniques of dance, but rather sticks to the familiar and safe ones. The film does not create or showcase any memorable or iconic dance sequences, but rather repeats or imitates the ones that have been done before.

The film also misses some opportunities to explore deeper issues or create more tension that could have enhanced the story and the characters. For example, the film could have delved into the cultural and social differences between Dia and her hometown, and how they affect her identity and choices. The film could have shown how Dia deals with the challenges and prejudices of being a single mother and a career woman in a conservative society. The film could have portrayed how Dia's team of dancers overcome their personal and interpersonal conflicts and grow as individuals and as a group. The film could have increased the stakes and the suspense of the dance competition and the fate of the theatre.


In conclusion, Aaja Nachle is a dance film that has some strengths and weaknesses. The strengths of the film are the performance of Madhuri Dixit, the music and choreography, and the message and impact of the film. The weaknesses of the film are the predictable and clichéd plot, and the lack of originality and innovation. The film is a decent and enjoyable watch for fans of Madhuri Dixit and Bollywood dance films, but it is not a groundbreaking or remarkable work that will leave a lasting impression on the viewers.


  • Q: What is Aaja Nachle about?

  • A: Aaja Nachle is a Bollywood dance film about a choreographer who returns to her hometown in India to save a dance theatre from demolition by putting on a performance of Laila-Majnu.

  • Q: Who stars in Aaja Nachle?

  • A: Aaja Nachle stars Madhuri Dixit as Dia, Akshaye Khanna as Raj, Kunal Kapoor as Raja, Konkona Sen Sharma as Anokhi, Ranvir Shorey as Najma, Vinay Pathak as Chaudhary Om Singh, Jugal Hansraj as Doctor Saab, Akhilendra Mishra as Mr Chojar, Sushmita Mukherjee as Sanjeev Mehta, Nowaz as Mohan Sharma, Raghubir Yadav as Imran Pathan, Dalai as Farooque, Lilette Dubey as Mrs Chojar, Divya Dutta as Radha, Irrfan Khan as Farooq (special appearance), Felix D'Alviella as Steve (special appearance), Uttara Baokar as Makrand's mother (special appearance), Yashpal Sharma as S.P. Chauhan (special appearance), Darshan Jariwala as Makrand (special appearance), Akshay Kumar as himself (special appearance), Sunil Shetty as himself (special appearance), Salman Khan as himself (special appearance), Anil Kapoor as himself (special appearance), Saif Ali Khan as himself (special appearance), Kareena Kapoor Khan as herself (special appearance), Shah Rukh Khan as himself (special appearance), Rani Mukerji as herself (special appearance), Karisma Kapoor as herself (special appearance), Preity Zinta as herself (special appearance), Juhi Chawla as herself (special appearance), Kajol Devgan as herself (special appearance), and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan as herself (special appearance).

  • Q: Who directed and produced Aaja Nachle?

  • A: Aaja Nachle was directed by Anil Mehta and produced by Aditya Chopra under the banner of Yash Raj Films.

  • Q: What are the songs and dances in Aaja Nachle?

A: Aaja Nachle has nine songs and dances, composed by Salim-Sulaiman and written by Jaideep Sahni and Piyush Mishra. They are:

  • "Aaja Nachle" - sung by Sunidhi Chauhan, choreographed by Vaibhavi Merchant

  • "Ishq Hua" - sung by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal, choreographed by Vaibhavi Merchant

  • "Show Me Your Jalwa" - sung by Richa Sharma, Kailash Kher, and Salim Merchant, choreographed by Vaibhavi Merchant

  • "O Re Piya" - sung by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, choreographed by Kathak maestro Birju Maharaj

  • "Soniye Mil Ja" - sung by Sukhwinder Singh, Sunidhi Chauhan, and Madhuri Dixit, choreographed by Saroj Khan

  • "Is Pal" - sung by Sonu Nigam and Shreya Ghoshal, choreographed by Vaibhavi Merchant

  • "Koi Patthar Se Na Maare" - sung by Sunidhi Chauhan, Shreya Ghoshal, and Sonu Nigam, choreographed by Saroj Khan

  • "Nachle Reprise" - sung by Sunidhi Chauhan, choreographed by Vaibhavi Merchant

  • "Dance With Me" - sung by Sonia Saigal, choreographed by Ashley Lobo